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    How can I create a custom registration form where new users can fill out more fields than just e-mail and password? I have some custom attributes setup as well (including an upload field).

    Also, are you available for hire to make some customizations? I’m a developer but you know your system better than me and can work through things faster.


    There’s no such feature at the moment, but it’s on the roadmap. In the current version, vendor attributes are added to the profile settings form, so these details can be set, but not on the registration step.
    I would be glad to help with customizations, but currently I don’t have time for custom work. If you’re familiar with PHP I can provide some general guidance (e.g. where to find the related files and functions).


    Sounds good. Let me know where to hook into or provide any sample code if you have it.


    If you mean implementing vendor registration unfortunately it’s not possible via hooks, this would require defining a new form via extension (for example check how the review form is implemented in the Reviews extension).

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