No Add To Cart button?

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    I’ve just bought TaskHive. And I really like it. But why there isn’t an Add To Cart button? It would allow buyers to buy multiple services at the same time.



    There’s no such option at the moment because it would be impossible to calculate the seller’s commission, the commission rate is applied to the order total amount (to keep calculations fast) so there’s a “Buy Now” button that redirects users to checkout. Also, it’s much easier to manage refunds this way.


    Hi ihor,

    Thank you for your fast reply.

    Is there any other themes coming soon? I would personally pay for one with marketplace for physical products.


    Sure, currently I’m working on a job board theme for HivePress and plan to release it this month. I’ll consider developing a physical marketplace theme, thanks. If you subscribed to the mailing list there will be a notification when a new theme is released

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