Register button doesn’t work

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    No funciona el botón de registro en el sitio



    The add review function also doesn’t work


    This issue occurs because there’s an incorrect reCaptcha site key in HivePress/Settings/Integrations section. Please clear the site key field or set the correct key, all buttons and links will start working.

    If possible set topic titles in English so others will be able to search the resolved issues, for example you can use Google Translate.


    Not help. Specially tested on the new site.


    It’s still incorrect, this error is displayed on your site:

    Error: Invalid site key or not loaded in api.js: 6Lc1I8gUAAAAAAGSS6gNB7UGw6dDCHRdqeR1fLrE

    This reCaptcha key you entered in HivePress/Settings/Integrations section is either incorrect or it’s not allowed for your site domain. Please follow these instructions to get a valid key (first 4 steps, just to get the site key and the secret key).

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