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No Listings Found

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    I am in the process of populating a a hive press site with listings for a client. However when I click the page where listings should appear it shows:

    ‘Nothing found

    Sorry, but nothing matched your search terms. Please try again with some different keywords’

    Until I click the filter button then all the listings magically appear. Shouldn’t they just appear without clicking filter button? I am using the Theme you created for HivePress too.




    I should also note that I renamed the page from ‘Listing’ to something else – i’m not sure if this made a difference but I have noted despite the fact that this page has been renamed when I click to view a listing I still see the URL as


    Sorry me again lol

    The same ‘Nothing found’ it appears when I click on each of the listing categories – despite the fact there are listings on those categories.

    I have also recently enabled SSL on the site just as a side note.

    ihor developer

    Please try disabling third-party plugins, if this issue remains please make sure that there’s at least one published listing. You can also send temporary WP access to and I’ll check it.



    I’ve emailed you the access.

    The only 2 plugins I have that run on every page is 1 for cookies GDPR and 1 for accepting terms and conditions. Both are necessary due to the type of site it is.




    Interestingly it works on a Mobile phone (Samsung S9 using latest android), but on a mobile phone when you use ANY of the filter options – it says Nothing Found error….


    I know it’s Christmas and you are probably very busy – but I am happy to pay for some fast support and a few tweaks – perhaps we can talk privately and agree a consultation fee?

    ihor developer

    Have you tried disabling all plugins for a moment? There’s the same version of HivePress on the live demo and category pages seem to work Maybe this issue appeared after you made some change (in settings, code etc.) or installed a new plugin?


    I found the plugin that was causing the interference. Thanks.

    One thing I noticed in comparing the demo to my own version is that the demo loads very quickly, my own version takes 10-15 seconds to load through listing pages.

    Do you have any advice on how to have it running smoothly please?



    ihor developer

    The loading speed depends on the hosting plan, third-party plugins, the number of search parameters and listings. I’m using a $5 VPS from DigitalOcean on the live demo, any basic hosting plan with WordPress support should be pretty fast if there’re not a lot of listings.

    I would be glad to help with customizations, but currently I’m working on the next HivePress version and new extensions.

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