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    So, I’ve got GEO location working however I just can’t get my listings to show. Is there a step I am missing?



    If possible send more details, do you mean that listings are not searchable by location or they’re hidden by default? Please make sure that there’s at least 1 published listing, and that you’re viewing the listings page (not some specific category without listings).


    I’ve got this to work by sorting into a category, however is there a way to have listings not in a category and just searchable by location?


    Category selection is not required, if you just search by location listings should appear, try searching “Times Square” on the demo site


    I see on the demo site that works but for me the only way I’ve been able to get the results up is by selecting a category first. Is there a step I’ve missed?


    If possible send a link to your site and I’ll check this issue. There’s no requirement to select a category, if you don’t select it then “All Categories” option is selected.

    Maybe you checked the “Display categories” option in HivePress/Settings/Listings section? In this case the search page will display categories (and force user to select one).

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