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No photo in listings if users won’t add any.

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  • Lenki

    Hi. Firstly – you’re doing great job. Good plugin, good themes. Thanks, very much!

    So, now I have question.

    Is it possible to turn off showing photo on listings page if user won’t add any photo? Now there is grey template/stock graphic. I have some categories, where photo is useless, so showing some of this listing with no photo is simply wasting space and more scrolling.

    Best regards,



    It’s possible to remove the placeholder image via customizations, but it’s displayed to keep the same height for the listing grid items, otherwise there will be extra space instead of images. This may cause bad UX because listing titles, attributes, etc. will be on a different level.


    Can you give me some advice? I wanna try change something. Will see.


    Sure, you can try using this CSS snippet:

    .hp-listing__image img[src*="placeholder"] {
        display: none;
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