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Non-bookable (free) listings

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  • rachelle

    So sorry to be asking so many questions…! I guess I’m trying to really push the RentalHive template to the edges of what it was originally designed for.

    a) Is it possible to add some “free” or non-bookable spaces into the Listings? So that a few of the listings say “free” instead of “$0” and they’re not bookable (there’d be no booking widget on the right hand side of the screen when you click on the listing). Note: still want the majority of them to have pricing and be be bookable.

    b) Is there anyway for users to submit a listing without having it be bookable (like it they were to submit it as a free space and not claim ‘ownership’ of it)? As you might have guessed I’m trying to have more of a crowdsourced database of locations also available to users (not having ALL listings linked to a required reservation).

    c) Also had an unrelated question: how does one go about modifying the format of the emails that get sent by the platform? Is there an extra plug-in for that, or where can I find them emails that are auto-generated by bookings, etc.? Sorry if I’m missing the obvious, I’m new to WordPress 🙂

    Thank you so so much! Hope this is the last of my questions for a while.

    ihor developer

    1. Yes, it’s possible if you restrict bookings to categories in HivePress/Settings/Bookings section, then only listings within specific categories will have the Book Now form.
    2. This may also work with the category-specific bookings, but please note that these listings will not have the booking features at all, these will be regular listings.
    3. Please try customizing emails in HivePress/Emails section, if you add a new email there and assign it to some event (e.g. booking confirmation) then this custom email will override the default one.
    Hope this helps.


    Hey Ihor!
    Quick question about the non-bookable spaces. I’ve found and added all the booking categories for which I want there to be the booking form in the HivePress/Settings/Bookings section, and left out the one category for which I DON’T want the booking form to be present. Thing is… that category is still displaying a “book now” section on the listing page. When it was first set, it worked as described but then a couple minutes later, the pricing and the form were back.

    Once in a while there’s a glitch (like when I publish a page quickly) where the book now and the $0.00 price disappears like it’s supposed to, but after a refresh, they both come back.

    I’m thinking it may be linked to the fact that the listing’s attributes for location and price are mandatory and can’t be left blank (even though I set the pricing one to not mandatory). I have a screenshot I’ve taken that shows how they get displayed.

    ihor developer

    If the form appears for listings within non-selected categories please send temporary WP access to and I’ll check this issue, this may be a bug.

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