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Not applying colours set in theme editor/customise

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  • danieloliver

    I have set a primary and secondary colour in Appearance > Colours however the default yellow and green and still showing on the website.


    Thanks for reporting this, it’s a bug with the child theme integration, the child theme loaded the ListingHive styles the second time so the custom styles were overridden. I fixed this on your site and will check if it’s possible to resolve this in the next version.


    hi ihor, thank you for all of your help. It looks great now and is working, however the child styles are now not working… it is not applying anything from style.css in child theme. Any ideas? Thank you.


    Please check if it’s ok now.


    Almost perfect 🙂 There’s just the margin at the bottom of the header that’s grey because of the negative position on the background… how do you resolve that?


    Please try cropping it on the sides a bit, then it will be higher and will cover the header section.

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