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    I create a page and call it review and add the reviews block but it does not show. The same happens with “vendors”.
    What is wrong?


    I also don’t see any extension to manage reviews, although it is activated.


    Please make sure that there’s at least one vendor, or at least one review, otherwise there’s nothing to show. If you activated HivePress itself and the Reviews extension, there should be a “Write a review” link in the listing page sidebar.


    Yes, I have added two vendors and still the page “vendor” goes to listing automatically and it is not loading (the url changes to the listings page). Regarding the reviews, the “add review” shows, but I have to add with a different user, will let you know if it shows after that.
    Just wanted to say your plugin is the most friendly one I have found, very easy to use, so nice. I am just starting to set it up but spent so much time with others and none like yours. I will make sure to donate once I am done! THANKS for developing such a powerful yet simple listing plugin.


    Thanks, really appreciate this!

    Please try changing the page URL slug, the “vendor” slug may conflict with the single vendor pages, you can try changing it to “vendors”.

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