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    Ihor, is there a certain amount to insert attributes on the front end of a form in HivePress? I am creating a form with more than 27 attributes, but some are not displayed. What can it be?


    Ihor, I managed to solve it, but it was very strange: I had to first define the attribute as a test, publish. Then update the page until the new field appears and only then enter the name and attribute information as they should. Strange thing, but manageable. Thank you!


    i am interested in knowing would you be getting users to enter all this info.
    will you be displaying it on multiple page in tabs ?


    @unitehearts, when I’m ready, I’ll post it here. The project is based on HivePress as a sports sponsorship platform, where an athlete uses the listing to sell an “opportunity”, based on the concept of exchanging sponsorship per post: so many posts before, during and after the event for Facebook, Instagram and etc. Hence the number of attributes on the form.


    Thanks, I’m glad that it’s resolved. At the moment there’s no live reloading for attribute settings so you have to save the attribute name and type first, and then all the settings related to this type appear.

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