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Number of columns and ads

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  • matr0nin

    Hello, my name is Andrey, I use your product in Russia, I speak English at a low level, sorry if there are errors in my text.
    The question is, how do I change the number of columns and ads that appear on the Listings page?
    Is it possible to display ads in a grid format?
    And how to change the display format on mobile devices? If, for example, there are 50 ads on the phone, one of them occupies the entire page of the screen; I would like to view a certain amount in any grid or list format on any device at once. Ready to pay for the implementation of this feature.
    Thank you for creating this wonderful product, I use it with great pleasure.

    ihor developer

    Thanks, I’m glad that it’s useful! If you mean the listings page there’s a 2-column layout by default, it can be changed via the hooks API (requires code snippets) or CSS changes. If you mean the listings block (that displays a few listings on the home page), you can edit this page, select this block and set the number of columns in the right sidebar.


    Thanks for this.

    But how exactly can we change this. I can’t find it in the CSS.

    I’d like to have only one ad column on the listings page. Basically as a list.
    On mobile this happens automatically but I’d like to have same layout on desktop.

    Only maybe a little bit wider.

    Any ideas?


    ihor developer

    This code snippet will set the list layout, and will make listings horizontal, but they require further styling:

    .hp-listings .hp-grid__item { flex-basis: 100%; max-width: 100%; }
    .hp-listing--view-block { display:flex; align-items: top; }

    Cool… thank you so much!

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