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Number Range Attribute, Currency change

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  • gsmobina

    Can we have something like this?

    This is for price range.
    Also if it is possible to select a currency from here? all 3 fields inline?


    There’s no such option for the number range attribute since it’s not limited to prices. Please consider adding this info to the attribute label (e.g. “Price ($)”), or description. Here’s a topic about the currency option


    i understand, may be u can add as another attribute call range selection and can be used for any numbers not only price.


    The number range attribute is already suitable for any numbers, the price is just a number range attribute named “Price” and with a custom display format, so unfortunately it doesn’t implement any price-specific logic like currencies.


    forget about the currency. I am saying instead having two fields to set the ranges, why not have one field with this like min and max to display in one line.


    Thanks, I’ll try to improve the UI for this attribute.

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