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On an iPhone, people can’t tap stars for rating

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  • wshiwsbrding

    After numerous reports from users, and trying to figure it out on our own we have come to realize that on iPhones specifically people cannot select a star to do a rating.

    We did notice that if they switch their phone to landscape they can tap a star if they are very careful to get right on the star.

    Please help!!!!!


    ihor developer

    Please make sure that you have the latest ListingHive and HivePress versions (a similar issue has been fixed in one of the recent updates). Also please let me know if this issue occurs on the demo site https://demo.hivepress.io/


    We will check and get back to you, thanks!


    I am experiencing the same issue, both on my website and on your demo.

    Tapping the stars to rate on iphone isn’t working. It works ok with the phone turned sideways, needs to work when holding it vertically.

    This is a show stopper for us! We can’t promote to our users until it’s fixed. Thanks ihor!

    ihor developer

    Thanks for reporting this, the star selection seems to work, but the tap area is too small, please try increasing the star size as a temporary fix:

    .hp-field--rating i {font-size:22px!important}

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