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    Does anyone have any documentation that they could share on how this Add-on works?

    The installation is pretty straight forward but after that I’m at a loss on how to set it up. Tried following the screen casts but they don’t provide the level of detail that I’m looking for, so if anyone has any pearls of wisdom I’m sure a few others would be grateful.

    Key points:
    How does Hivepress integrate with WooCommerce, a simple, no jargon explanation would be great.

    How do I setup or configure the forms? For example I want users to logon, create a listing and pay for it?

    Does anyone have any sample data that can be imported?

    Any help would be appreciated




    1. It works by linking WooCommerce products with HivePress items or settings. For example if you link WooCommerce product with a listing package, then user has to purchase this product to get this listing package, and this package will display the product’s price.

    2. You can simply install Paid Listings extension, and follow this screencast step by step to add listing packages

    3. Sure, please follow the “Importing demo content” screencast

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