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  • maciej

    Thank you for this wonderful project
    I have two questions

    Will the Open Street Maps option be available?
    or manual pin setting on Google Maps
    in Poland, not all addresses appear on the google map
    must be manually selected

    How to do full width listing and single listing
    I have little knowledge of css and php

    Thank you



    1. I haven’t check this yet so I can’t guarantee it will be added, I couldn’t find an easy way to integrate it (Google provides an API for search autocompletion, geocoding, etc).

    2. Thanks, “Select on a map” is a nice option to add, I’ll consider adding it.

    3. If you mean changing layouts at styles these may require CSS customizations. If you’re not familiar with CSS you can search the forum for existing code snippets, e.g. if you want to display listings in 1 column

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