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Opening Hours doesn’t work

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    1. Opening hours doesn’t have any incidence on bookings: users still can book Listing before or after opening hours and even in closed days. How can I fix it?

    2. When booking hours will work correctly, I won’t need Booking Available From and Booking Available To field. How can I hide them? The idea is that the vendor sets up only Listing duration and the booking system manages booking slots inside the opening hours.

    3. How can I add lunch time (closed) in opening hours?

    4 . When it’s gonna be possible to apply opening hours to a Vendor instead of Listings?

    ihor developer

    1. I’m sorry if it wasn’t clear, but these extensions are not linked – Opening Hours are mostly used for business directory websites, just to indicate the working hours (and enabling the “Open Now” search filter). It’s possible to limit the available booking start/end time in the booking settings for each listing.
    2, 3. This would require customizations, please consider using the existing settings (e.g. booking restrictions) if it’s possible in your use case.
    4. This feature is not planned yet, but thanks for your suggestion, we’ll consider implementing it – it would make sense if the vendor profiles are used as businesses, and listings as services.


    Ok, thank you.

    I will uninstall Opening Hours extension.
    How can I get the refund for its price?
    I will buy it again when it will be linked to Bookings extension.

    By the way, the Booking end time doesn’t work properly, I posted a request about it in the Booking topic.

    ihor developer

    If possible describe the required functionality – we may add it to the next update (within 2-3 days). If I understand correctly you want to hide the booking settings and restrict bookings based on the entered Opening Hours details?


    It would be great if you implement it in the next update in 2-3 days.
    Thank you !

    ihor developer

    Sorry, I checked the source code and there’s no easy way to implement this yet, since bookings have the same start/end availability time for each available day. If it’s urgent please send a refund request to (with order ID or license key).


    Hello, it’s not urgent, I can wait for the implementation of restricting bookings based on the entered Opening Hours detail.

    How long do you think it’s gonna take?

    ihor developer

    Thanks for your patience! The next Bookings version is scheduled for next week, I’ll check if it’s possible to sync the Opening Hours with Bookings and hide the Days of the week option along with the Minimum/Maximum time fields since these are already entered in the Opening Hours fields. The main issue is enabling different min/max times per day of the week, currently these are the same for all days in Bookings.


    Is that gonna solve the problem of lunch time?
    I explain: for now, it’s impossible to block every day same period for lunch time unavailable for booking, with opening hours linked to calendar, it should be different.

    ihor developer

    The Opening Hours have no lunchtime option either (only start/end time fields for each week day), but I agree that it’s an essential feature and it’ll be added as soon as possible.

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