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order attribute

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  • shmumu

    Thanks for the great plugin.
    I tried to find an answer here in the forum and did not find a question here.
    I added some attribute to the form of adding a listing.

    I want to arrange them in an orderly fashion.
    I can not change their numbers in the listing / attribute because in the ad itself on the site I need them in one order, and in the form in another order.

    The form also has attributes like title that I do not have access to.

    I would love to hear how I can arrange everything, both what I have added and what already exists.
    Plus, a small question, I guess the solution will be a short code where I have to enter the attribute name and number so that everything is displayed in the order of the numbers.
    The feature is in Hebrew, do I have to write it in the code as it appears in Hebrew? There are also features with a few words, should I write with spaces? Or do something else? I would be very happy for a short explanation.

    Thank you!!!


    I use Google Translate and it becomes an attribute for a feature

    ihor developer

    Please try editing these attributes and set a priority number for each in the Order field. This way you can arrange attributes available in the Listings/Attributes section. Built-in fields (like Title, Description) can also be re-ordered, but this requires some code snippets.

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