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  • C64Sebastian

    Hola y saludos desde Uruguay.
    Encontre lo que parece ser un problema.
    Cuando “añado un anuncio” Todo funciona perfecto, pero luego que completo el proceso de pago,
    al volver al carrito, el pedido sigue alli, aunque el anuncio se publica perfectamente.
    He realizado varias pruebas en el sitio, y al parecer el problema es en HivePress Paid Listings.
    Trabaja con WooComerce, y paypal basic. Muchas gracias desde ya.

    Hello and greetings from Uruguay.
    I found what appears to be a problem.
    When I “add an ad” Everything works perfect, but after I complete the payment process,
    when returning to the cart, the order is still there, although the ad is published perfectly.
    I’ve done several tests on the site, and apparently the problem is in HivePress Paid Listings.
    It works with WooComerce, and paypal basic. Thank you in advance.

    ihor developer

    Please let me know what you mean about the “order is still there”, do you mean that order status is still set as “on hold”? HivePress itself doesn’t implement any payment features, it just checks WooCommerce order status, and if it’s set to “processing” or “completed” (it means that the order is paid) it just publishes listing.


    Muchas gracias por tu atención.
    Perdón, talvez me exprese mal. El carrito no se vacía luego. Pero hace unas semana funcionaba perfecto.
    Seleciono “añadir anuncio”
    Selecciono “categoria”
    Creo la publicación y “envío el anuncio”
    Seleciono el paquete
    Realizo el pedido
    Todo funciona perfectamente y se crea la publicacion.
    Pero luego voy al carrito, y el paquete sigue allí, cuando ya deberia haberlo quitado automaticamente.
    Tengo desactivado “añadir al carrito” de woo commerce. Solo utilizo el pedido de paquetes por hivepress, inclusive el pedido de destacados desde el panel de cuenta de usuarios.
    Talvez pueda ser por la ultima actualizacion de woocommerce? Sigo estudiando el tema.
    El proble de esto es que si un vendedor publica algo, todo le funcionara perfecto, pero luego el carrito no estara vacio, porque ya no lo libera luego de cada pedido realizado.

    He realizado varias pruebas, inclusive solo woocommerce sin ningun otro plugin y funciona bien.
    Tambien tengo configurado que solo puedan realizar 1 pedido a la vez.
    Thank you very much for your attention.
    Sorry, maybe I mean wrong. The cart is not emptied later. But a few weeks ago it worked perfect.
    I select “add ad”
    I select “category”
    I create the post and “send the ad”
    I select the package
    I place the order
    Everything works perfectly and the publication is created.
    But then I go to the cart, and the package is still there, when it should have been removed automatically.
    I have “add to cart” disabled from woo commerce. I only use the hivepress package order, including the featured order from the user account panel.
    Maybe it could be because of the latest woocommerce update? I’m still studying the subject.
    The problem with this is that if a seller publishes something, everything will work perfectly, but then the cart will not be empty, because it no longer releases it after each order placed.

    I have done several tests, including only woocommerce without any other plugins and it works fine.
    I also have configured that they can only place 1 order at a time.
    Mi página de pruebas / Tests Page:
    Mi página oficial / official Page:

    ihor developer

    This is strange, because HivePress doesn’t intefere with WooCommerce cart, it just checks the order status. Anyway, I’ll check this before releasing the next update, thanks. If the only issue is that cart is not cleared it should still work fine, because before the package is added again (if you decide to purchase another package after the first one is expired), the cart should be cleared anyway.


    Hola, si cuando se seleciona otro pedido, se limpia y realiza el nuevo pedido perfectamente.
    Como comente anteriormente, el único inconveniente es que un cliente volviera a entrar en “finalizar compra”, y completará el pedido nuevamente.
    Quite la página checkout del menu y desactive algunas opciones de woocommerce que no son necesarias, como el boton de añadir al carrito y la página del carrito, asi el cliente no ve pedidos pendientes.
    Antes de esto realize otra prueba:
    Desactive el carrito de woocomerce, de esta manera al elegir un paquete luego de ingresar los datos del anuncio X, pasa al proceso de finalizar compra directamente. Y cuando se realiza el pedido, en vez de crear el anuncio X, te muestra el pedido con su nro de pedido y detalles (y limpia el carrito), luego al volver a selecionar “añadir anuncio” crea el anuncio X directamente. El unico problema de esto es que no funciona cuando quieres destacar un anuncio ya publicado desde “mi cuenta”
    Hello, if when another order is selected, it cleans and makes the new order perfectly.
    As I mentioned before, the only drawback is that a customer re-enters “checkout”, and will complete the order again.
    Remove the checkout page from the menu and deactivate some woocommerce options that are not necessary, such as the add to cart button and the cart page, so the customer does not see pending orders.
    Before this do another test:
    Deactivate the woocomerce cart, this way when choosing a package after entering the data of the ad X, you go to the process of finalizing the purchase directly. And when the order is placed, instead of creating the ad X, it shows you the order with its order number and details (and clears the cart), then by re-selecting “add ad” it creates the ad X directly. The only problem with this is that it does not work when you want to highlight an ad already published from “my account”

    ihor developer

    Thanks, I added this topic to the bug tracker and will check this as soon as possible. I hope that clearing cart doesn’t affect the listing package sales (if it’s cleared on the next purchase). Please make sure that you set a product for featuring a listing, then it’s possible to feature any listing without purchasing a package.

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