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orders stay in processing – do we have to manually complete?

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    I’m not sure what the expected behavior should be here, but whether we are testing a Featured upgrade or Paid Listing, I see the payment go through (Stripe, Sandbox mode) and it shows processing. But it never switches to completed. Is the expectation that an admin logs in and sets the Featured flag directly on the listing and then mark the order complete?



    You don’t have to mark them as completed, HivePress checks “processing” and “completed” statuses, if the order gets any of these then listing should be marked as featured automatically. You can also try marking products as “virtual” or “downloadable” to complete orders automatically, but this is optional


    It’s very strange. I have it as virtual but it still stays in processing for over 15 minutes. Could it be something with the Stripe integration? I will try the “downloadable” and see if that works. I’ll also try to enable logs etc.


    It looks like Downloadable made it to go Completed right away, but it did not update listing to featured.


    If this is a package purchase please make sure that this package has “Make listings featured” option checked.

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