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    1. We are wanting to run a multitude listing site (Business Directory/Garage Sales/Job Listings/etc.) and was wondering is there any way to list the listings as words (eg instead of a pictures background and having to click through each category to see the sub categories?

    2. When someone clicks ‘Add Listing’ is there a way for them to choose the type of Listing they want to add and then it to generate the correct form with the correct selectable ‘Attributes’?

    3. How does one go about settings up a Paid section, allowing a particular price tier to unlock more ‘Attributes’ and ‘Images’?

    4. Is there a way to integrate Google Maps into the listings?


    1. This category view is not available in the default theme, but I plan to release a premium theme for classifieds and business directory, with a similar category view.

    2. Please try using top-level categories for this purpose, you can assign attributes to different categories so fields will appear depending on the selected category.

    3. Replied in another topic

    4. Yes, please check the Geolocation extension.

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