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Overlapping Markers on Google Maps

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  • valmes

    I have finally gave in and tried Google maps (in Hivepress) on a test site…

    It seems to work fine, except for one thing – there are instances(a lot of them) when listings have the same address/location, for example buildings can have a lot of people or businesses within the same address or people placing listings put just a city name as a location.

    So the markers on the map cluster together in exact same position(location) and even at maximum zoom level they don’t separate (since its exact same spot) so you cant see whats inside and can’t interact with them.

    I guess its not exactly a bug as such, but limits functionality of Google Maps extension. Can this be resolved? Thanx in advance!

    PS: I guess this is a solution:


    … and while at it – the search radius – can it be set by user not at back end?


    Also, can you show which files in the extension are used to create a link (under the title) to google maps?

    The reason is, before I switched on the Google Maps extension, I used to have my own “places” attribute and it had a different link to open up a map with sat view, and an actual name of the location which is more “Human” in my opinion than showing Longitude and Latitude… So I want to modify it a little to show like it used to…

    Here is an example of an old link(first) and a new one (second) you can compare them:Белград,%20Сербия,20.448922

    So there are 3 questions:

    1) Overlapping Markers (I found other topics where you said it s a bug) 🙂
    2) Search radius by user (I guess its a feature, but if we can specify the price why not radius?
    3) Link template for the location (I will try to find where its at… but if you know and can pin point to its location – thanks in advance!)

    ihor developer

    1. Thanks, added this to the bug tracker, I guess the easiest solution is adding some small random number to coordinates so listings with the same address will be displayed separately.

    2. There’s no way to define the radius via the front-end at the moment.

    3. You can try overriding this template part



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