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    Another great feature I would be prepared to sponsor is having add-ons to enhance listings.

    For instance if a user has signed up to a 7 day package and wants to then make it featured – he should be able to edit his listing and add ‘featured’ to it then pay an additional fee. It would be cool to be able to have various number of days to feature the listing for and vary the price.

    Other add-ons can include;

    Videos; pay extra to include a video on your listing
    Add More pictures; pay extra to be able to upload more pictures
    Add phone number; pay extra to include your phone number
    Add website URL: pay extra to include your website URL

    We should also be able to limit certain aspects depending on package chosen. Such as only allowing up to a certain number of images per package and other customizable fields or listings.

    Finally – it would be amazing to have different account types – for instance an individual who can only make a single listing (allow admin to set the limit), or an agent who can make multiple listings. This last feature may already be possible with clever tweaking though. But the features above are definitely worth adding and I would be willing to sponsor them for a 100 euros if they are not too difficult.

    ihor developer

    Thanks for your suggestions. Can’t say for sure about the account types, but separate purchases for featuring listings and extra limits for packages (e.g. the maximum number of images) are on the roadmap.

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