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Package doesn’t automatically feature listings

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  • sonkaulis


    I have a problem. I have purchased a premium package on my site which should automatically make listings featured, but when I added a listing, it didn’t get featured. Additionally, I noticed that if you upgrade your package while still having a few listings left of the free package, the count of remaining listings in the free package doesn’t go down no matter how many listings you add.


    Also, is there a way to override a lesser package if someone upgrades? For example, now it seems that the used has to use up the first package first and only then they can start using the premium listings which would have the automatically feature bonus.

    ihor developer

    This seems to be a caching issue, please try disabling third-party plugins. Also, please make sure that this listing is added via the “featured” package (not the old free one) and that the listing is approved.
    Unfortunately there’s no way to override packages in the current version, packages don’t work like membership plans where only a single one can be used, it’s more like purchasing listing placements in bulk, so all the purchased limits remain until exceeded.


    Okay, I have found the issue.

    The plugin responsible for this was Code Snippets. Actually, the snippet itself was responsible for this:

    // Required and limit the number of images in submit form
    	function( $model ) {
    		$model['fields']['images']['required']  = true;
    		$model['fields']['images']['max_files'] = 20;
    		return $model;

    This snippet breaks the featuring feature. I have tested it with the snippet active and inactive and I have confirmed that it’s the reason. Do you know any other way to make images mandatory?

    ihor developer

    Thanks for reporting this issue, it’ll be fixed in the next update (will try to release a quick fix this week). This is the best way to make the images required so I recommend waiting for an update and temporarily disabling this snippet if the site is live.

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