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Packages and paid subscriptions

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  • wafss8

    I bought Expert Hive and am trying to adapt it to my needs. I want to make a subscription-based paywall that allows a merchant to 1. post ads and 2. be able to respond to customer inquiries. Now I see it in such a way that even a seller without paid ads can see user requests and bounce them, even without paying anything. How can this be implemented?


    Notifications – 2 question

    I have 8 categories on my site (as was standard in the theme). How to make it so that you can categorize sellers, split requests into categories, and that the seller would receive requests only for his category, instead of receiving all user requests?

    ihor developer

    1. Please try using Paid Listings extension for this purpose, this way you can charge vendors for adding and promoting listings at the top of the search results. It’s possible to limit messaging for all users, but via the Memberships extension – it’s not linked to the Paid Listings monetization model.
    2. It’s possible to enable notifications about all requests, but category-specific notifications are on the roadmap – we plan to release the next version within 2 weeks or less.
    Hope this helps.


    In other words, I can’t charge sellers for being able to respond to user inquiries?

    ihor developer

    You can do this with Memberships, but this restriction will also be applied to customers (so both parties will have to pay to be able to message each other). It also may be possible via customizations (e.g. customizing the Paid Listings extension).

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