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    Hello, i have a questions about styles:
    1) How can i change style of listing block?
    maybe make some changes of size or upload my design
    2) How can i change vendor page design?
    3) Can i change style of footer, maybe make it in elementor?
    4) i want to make header with slider revolution, how can i change position of search? (need to do it under slider revolution)
    5) how can i change style of this button?
    i wanna upload my design of this button, how can i do it?


    And how can i make page of sellers? Where people can find sellers by photo and name, on this page placed all sellers


    How can i place this button in center?


    How can i add listing filter like this?


    Sorry, but these questions are related to customizations, and this is not part of support (it includes fixing bugs and general guidance). If you need design customizations and you’re not familiar with CSS please consider hiring someone, for example via Fiverr

    Please try importing demo content, you’ll get the same layouts and search filters as on the demo site It’s easier to start with existing content and you’ll understand how everything works.

    You can create a page and select it as a vendors page in HivePress/Settings/Vendors section, then this page will list all vendors.


    after import demo content – page of listing is empty
    it’s problem in import? or in demo content this page does’t exist?


    Can u tell me how can i make category block with filters if hive press objects? like on demo content


    When somebody add listing, how can he choose 2 or more categories?


    1, 3. Answered in your other topics.

    2. Please consider importing demo content, then you’ll get the same listings page, with the same filters

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