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    I have noticed that when listing are displayed on Listings page or on category page, when you go to the next page it shows the featured listings at the top again, (Same as first page) and then the regular listings below it. So if you have a bunch of featured, you have to scroll through all the featured again on second page before getting to reg. Not sure what will happen if there are more featured than displayed on one page. Anyway, is this normal function?
    I am starting to look at displaying both featured and regular separately (different shortcodes) on same page as a work around.


    There should be random listings (if there are more featured listings than spots), you can also reduce the number of spots for the featured listings in HivePress/Listings/Display section so the featured listings section will be smaller.


    Thank you ihor. I think I understand. It just seemed strange since all the featured were already shown on the first page. I will think about the settings more.


    Actually, I have a strange setup. (One category) So I was using the category page as the main listing page. Going to rebuild the Listings page with shortcodes. Thanks ihor. Awesome plugin/theme!

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