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Paid Listing First timer

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  • jaimevivesfilms

    Hey guys,

    Just downloaded the Paid Listing feature so there’s a fair bit I still need to learn, so far I’ve got two questions:

    – I have followed the steps on the first video here: https://hivepress.io/docs/extensions/paid-listings/ but for some reason, after creating two packages (Basic and Premium), then I go to “Add Listing” and the packages don’t show up, it takes me to the “Select Category” page. I have review the video to make sure I do exactly the same and still nothing, what could I be doing wrong?

    – How can I make them pay a monthly fee for uploading listings? For example, the “basic package” would be 10$/month for 1 listing and the “premium package” would be 15$/month for 3 listings.

    Thanks a lot!

    ihor developer


    1. Please try completing the listing submission process, the packages page should appear as the last step.

    2. There’s no recurring billing feature at the moment, but it’s on the roadmap. In the current version, you can sell listing packages with some specific limits so users will be able to purchase another package when the current limit is exceeded.


    Hi Ihor, following this.

    1. Is there a way to change the order of the process? Like, click on the “Add listing” button –> “Chose Plan” page –> “Pay” Checkout Page —> “Thankyou page” and last —> “Submission listing” page or email with details on how to submit what you paid?

    2. Great that the recurring billing is on the roadmap. Currently, what happens to the data of the listing that expired? Is it saved? When the client reactivates, is it reactivated automatically?

    Thanks in advance for your support!

    ihor developer

    1. Unfortunately there’s no easy way to do this because packages can be category-specific, so selecting a category be the previous step.

    2. Nothing will happen, but if the listing limit is exceeded then user will have to purchase another package if they want to add a new (or renew existing) listing.


    Hey @ihor,

    What do you mean by “its on the roadmap”? Does it mean that you guys are planning on adding it in the future? if so, how long do you think it will take?

    Also, would it be possible to add a monthly payment feature using coding?


    ihor developer

    Yes, the subscription feature will be implemented, but there’s no ETA for it yet. It’s possible to implement subscriptions via code customizations, but there’s no simple code snippet for this (I planned to implement this via integration with the WooCommerce subscriptions extension).

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