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    In my Account Package tab- Paid Listing Extension
    I have made the details display in to a grid via css
    Is it possible to have a title to each section? eg:Package | Categories | Lisiting Balance

    In my Account Membership tab- Membership Extension

    Is it possible to show how long the plan is valid from the expiration set in plans?

    Ps: How can i change the title for thwse tabs?


    1. It’s possible, but requires code customizations.

    2. Please make sure that this plan had the expiration period before you subscribed, it should show the expiration date (also please make sure that it’s not hidden with custom CSS).

    3. If you mean menu items you can change them like any static text, with Loco Translate.


    1. can’t i do it in a code snippet that you normally help with?

    2. yes. i subscribed to another plan and it has shows the expiration. however now i see two plans activated. so how does this work for the user? does that means no of ads remaining on 1st plan and no of ads on the 2 plan combined?

    3. thanks. i’ll try that


    1. Unfortunately there’s no simple code snippet for this, but adding table names is on the roadmap so they will be added sooner or later.

    2. Yes, you can have multiple packages and the package with the higher limit will be used first.

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