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Paid listing not showing pricings

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  • Wayney


    I’ve followed your screen cast for setting up a paid listing but it does not show the pricing package – just the category. It looks like it could be a bug, I read a message from another user with the same issue.

    Please could you let us know how it should work? I know you’re offering this for free and that’s v much appreciated. In addition do you have any plans to have written documentation, I struggle with the videos. Thanks

    Btw if I can get this to work I will make a donation

    Oh, and is it possible to produce a very basic overview of how WooCommerce interacts with Hivepress, I think understanding this will help me solve many of the problems I’m getting for myself. Tx again



    Not sure what happened but I added 3 more packages and they magiclly appeared?? However, it now isn’t showing the form to create a new listing – would really appreciate some written documentation on this. Thanks

    ihor developer


    Selecting a package is the 3rd step in the listing submission process, so packages should appear after the “Select Category” and “Add Details” steps. Please let me know if this issue is resolved, “Select Package” step should appear if there’s at least one package.

    Thanks for your suggestion, I plan to add written docs, but I’ll stick to screencasts for now, there will be a screencast for each “How to…” question that shows the process step by step. This way non-English speakers can also understand the docs.


    Thanks for your reply. I left it for an hour and it’s now working in the correct sequence. Looks like it could be a caching issue??


    Hi again,

    It is definitely a caching issue. If at the very first attempt I go ahead and select a category, then add details and then select package, it works.

    If I try a second time it doesn’t, it misses out the Details form. It does this on a different browser too. So I think there’s definitely a problem with the way in which the system is storing it’s info, it’s not consistent.

    Hope this helps



    Is there a way of editing the Details form? Btw, it is not showing again.

    Its going from Category straight to the Packages, it’s not showing the details page at all??

    How is this setup, can I change a setting for this to work or is it a built in process?

    I sense there’s a setting somewhere that I’m missing.

    You mentioned about not creating written documentation just yet, I’m sure many ppl would accept one written in English – this website is in English 😁 It might reduce the amount of support requests for you too

    Tx for your help

    p.s. when I get this working I’ll make a donation.

    ihor developer

    If you mean the listing form then sure, you can add attributes in WordPress/Listings/Attributes section and they will appear in the listing forms. Please check this screencast Screencasts are pretty effective (I don’t have time for writing the docs yet), but I guess I have to structure them well, or add a better search for the docs. If it’s possible to reproduce this issue with skipping the details step, please send temporary WP access to and I’ll check it. If there’s a bug it will be fixed in the next update.


    Okay, so I think I’m starting to work out how this all works.

    I imported the demo data to give me a clue.

    In order to show a new field on the Details Form you have to create an Attribute. So for example, I created a ‘Website URL’ attribute and it appeared on the form, Nice!

    I’m not sure what the Display section does within the Attributes though, selecting Primary Blocks or Pages doesn’t seem to do anything. I’m sure I’ll work that out

    Once I saved this Attribute the Details Form appeared, I still think this is a caching bug that needs looking at.

    I’ll continue to update this thread as I go, it might help some ppl. Hopefully some written documentation will come along soon. this space😊


    So now my next challenge is to remove the Image upload option. I don’t want to use this just yet, maybe in the future though.

    I suspect I can use CSS but there must be another way… 😊


    It’s now lost the Packages section but has the Details? 🤯 This is getting frustrating

    ihor developer

    Maybe there’s a caching plugin that caches the listing submission page for logged-in users? If it’s possible to reproduce this issue with skipping the details step, please send temporary WP access to and I’ll check it, there’s no other way because I can’t reproduce it on a local installation and the demo site.


    Well I have given it a good try, I think I’m going to give up on this.

    It’s a great interface and has a lot of potential with some good free add-ons, however for my purposes i need something more predictable and stable and with lots of written documentation and targeted support.

    In order to get the best out of it the documentation needs to be comprehensive and explain Context and Functionality. A good starting point for this is to assume the user has no knowledge at all and look at small things like better descriptors for form fields in the setting screens.

    Detailed info on how the forms are created with templates, better definition of Attributes and clear explanations of Jargon. For example What is a Claim?

    Perhaps you should charge a small fee for it and dedicate more time to it’s development, it really does have great potential, it’s just not quite ready to be used in a production environment with paying customers

    Good luck and thanks for the replies

    ihor developer

    No worries, I hope you’ll find a better solution.

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