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Paid listing – package doesn’t show

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    I create one package and one woocommerce product (3 month ads for $29).
    When the user create an ads, the form to fill the ads appears instead of the package option to purchase. In your video, I see that the user must purchase the package before filling the ads, which make more sense?



    Please try completing the listing submission, packages should appear after you submit the listing form (the screencast shows packages first because I already submitted the listing form before recording the screencast).


    Can customer/user buy paid package from the my account page?
    Usually customer want to see the paid package before it decides to post the listing.
    Customer want to compare the free and paid packages.


    There’s no such option because packages may be specific to the listing category (and possibly listing details in future updates), so the user has to select a listing category first.

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