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  • xGeorge26


    After I installed the module and set it up as in the tutorial videos, when I’m clicking on the Add Listing it takes me to the select category page, not on the select package one.

    I’ve ridden the previous support requests and I know that the problem come from the category select. I don’t know where to find that category select (from Listings -> Categories or WooCommerce -> Categories)? I already set the categories for both of them with an existent ones and it still doesnt work.

    ihor developer

    Please try to submit a listing (select a category, then add details, etc.), package selection is the third step (not the first) because there may be different packages depending on the listing category and details.


    I understand now. Thank you very much for helping.

    One more thing, is there any way how can I remove the all the woocommerce pages from the header menu (Shop, Cart)? I couldn’t find a way to do it.

    ihor developer

    Please assign a custom menu to the Header location in Appearance/Menus section, by default it just lists all pages.


    Thank you. Unfortunately, I have another problem that bothers me. If I put “Listing Limit” to 1 for both of the packages (Free and Premium), after the customer clicks/ purchases on them it says that the Limit is limit exceeded. If I give them a higher amount of limit, then the page with the selection won’t show up. Is there a way how I can allow customers to choose their package every time they post a listing?

    ihor developer

    There’s no option for selecting one of the multiple packages at the moment, when you set the limit to 1 it means that the current submitted listing exceeds this limit immediately (since selecting a package is the 3 step in the submission process, it requires providing some listing details). If you set a higher limit then users don’t have to select a package every time they submit a listing, this page will appear again if the limit is exceeded.


    how do I get a customer to pay every single time he posts a new listing or the listing expires. is that possible


    if i can’t do that then is there a third party plugin that can allow me to do that?

    ihor developer

    You can simply create a listing package and set the submission limit to 1, but you may want to add a few packages if someone wants to pay once, e.g. for 5 or 10 listings instead of making a payment every time.


    ok i will see what i can do thanks

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