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    I am implementing a payment option as you put in the video and when I add a list nothing appears

    lately nothing goes right for me


    I have the same problem


    Please always provide as many details as possible, e.g. steps to reproduce this issue, do you mean that nothing appears on the listing packages page?


    According to the video when you give to publish an ad, the window that puts if it is paid or free pops up. Ami does not come out, in my case it comes out when after having filled in the ad you give it to publish


    Yes, it works.
    The screen with the packages appears after the user has published the ad, it does not appear before, as indicated in the video.


    Before recording this video I filled the listing details (to make it shorter), so it looks like the first 2 steps are skipped, but in reality, selecting a package is the 3 step (because listing packages may depend on the selected category and details).

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