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Paid Listings (Charing for Featured Listings only)

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  • Seegon

    I managed to add the option for vendors to pay a flat amount and get their listings “Featured” automatically, but I do not like the “workflow”.

    Keep in mind I only charge for featured listing. Everything else is free.

    After some testing, I’ve found a few issues/flaws:

    1) When creating a listing/service, there is no option to “Feature” it from form page. The vendor has to create it, and go into the dashboard-listing menu and then hit the “star” there. This is not very intuitive for the user.

    2) When the vendor has paid for the listing, and order is generated under “Recieved Orders” tab in the Dashboard. Even though the payment is complete, and the featured status is applied, the vendor has the options to “contact seller”, “Deliver”, “Complete Order” and “Dispute”.
    This doesn’t make much sense for the user, in the case of featuring a listing.

    Is there any way to make this more intuitive?

    Thank you in advance

    yevhen developer

    1) Thanks, we will try to improve the UX of this workflow. Initially we added a separate flat fee option to feature listings in addition to listing packages, in case if someone skipped purchasing a featured package while adding a listing and wants to feature listings later.

    2) I guess there is also a Marketplace extension installed, it adds multi-vendor features to WooCommerce (the buttons and links you mentioned). If you just charge users for featuring listings, please disable this extension.


    Thanks for the quick reply

    1) Yes it would make sense to be able to add the featured listing also after the listing is public. However, as it stand now, the option to feature it seemes to be hidden. A way to also add this to the listing while filling the form would be much appriciated.

    2) Yes, that is correct. My website is based on the Taskhive theme, and the core of it is the markedplace extension. Is there a way to disable this function for the paid “featured” listings, and just add it straight to the completed order state?


    I just want to add that when the featured service was paid for, my admin account (that added the item to the woocommerce product list) got rewarded with the sale, minus the commission.
    Any way to remove these functions from the paid featured listing, and make the extensions operate alongside eachother?

    ihor developer

    1. Sorry, there’s no simple code snippet for implementing this before it’s added to the extension itself.
    2. Thanks for reporting this, this is a rare case (using multiple monetization models) so I haven’t noticed this conflict before. This will be fixed in the next update, if it’s urgent I can provide a temporary fix for this, if you don’t use the main admin account for selling listings (then it’s possible to check the admin ID and hide the order buttons since it’s used for featuring listings only). Please let me know.


    Hello Ihor. Thanks for the response.

    Not urgent at all. The website is being developed and tested internally atm.

    I’m looking forward to following your development. These plugins are amazing 🙂

    ihor developer

    Thanks! We’ll try to improve HivePress & extensions with frequent updates

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