Paid Listings Not acrtive

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    Paid Listings Not acrtive, newer used, when adding new listing.
    +Add new listing goes to the Category select > Listing add.
    Newer used any packages.
    Featuring listing link goes to homepage.

    Please add text setup instructions how to setup like showing in sceencast (pages, yorls, etc..)


    I added screencasts to the extension docs, you can follow them step by step If there’s no redirect to checkout please make sure that WooCommerce is installed correctly, once you install WooCommerce it will launch the setup wizard and when you finish it then it should import pages like Cart, Checkout etc. You can check if these pages exist in WordPress/Pages section


    Sorry Sorry Sorry , all works fine 😀 !


    Yes, I have canceled wizzards (I hate wizards), and spended about 3 hours to found the problem and shordcodes… woocommerce_cart for adding Listing Package to cart, abd woocommerce_checkout for checkout, right? 🙂 And for “shop” can be any page?
    Now is all working wery well…


    Yes, but you can re-import these pages anytime in WooCommerce > Status > Tools section, no need to add them manually.

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