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paid subscription to the user’s account

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  • MarcelPl

    How can you get the effect of adding a paid account (profile) for 30 days, which will have an unlimited number of adding free ads?

    2) Your extension is an option to promote ads (in various options; highlighting, color frame, background, moving to the top list – before the ads without promotion and without paying for it?

    ihor developer

    1. Please try adding a package with 30-day expiration period for listings, but it should have some listing limit – otherwise once the listing expires users will be able to renew it indefinitely (each renewal is counted like adding a listing).
    2. If you mean featuring listings for free it’s possible if you link a free product in HivePress/Settings/Featuring.


    Maybe I will describe it to you differently.

    I need to add a user who will be able to add any number of ads for free. Unless they are promoted – then there is an option to pay for promotion (how is it solved for you?).

    Such a user must pay a subscription for 30 days – the creation of his account / profile and his activity on the website for these 30 days, and not for the advertisement he will add. Ads without promotion are added for free. Payment applies only to subscriptions of the user’s account.
    An example where such an option and function works on the website is at

    ihor developer

    There’s no such feature yet, please try the suggested workaround with a listing package that has 30 days expiration period for listings. If you set a high limit that will not be exceeded this will basically mean adding an unlimited number of listings for 30 days. The listing promotion can be monetized separately


    It does not solve my problem.
    If you have this option in your product, let me know.


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