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Payment Error leads to Listing getting auto-drafted

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    Dear Ihor,

    all of a sudden I encountered a problem with the payment of listings. Whenever I click on a package to buy it, I get redirected to the main page and the listing gets auto-drafted (this also happens if I fill out the form and switch to another tab and when I come back to post the listing after a few minutes, it’s the same behaviour.

    Video: https://youtu.be/A_7Eva6fs-E

    If I remove the packages from the backend and post a new listing via the button on the header, I get directly redirected to the finished listing I was trying to post before.

    Video: https://youtu.be/ztorYtKB3Vc

    What do I do wrong here?



    Oh, damn. My fault. I had turned off Paypal payments and there was no other payment option. That was causing the error I guess.

    ihor developer

    Yes, this may be related to WooCommerce payment gateway settings, please let me know if this issue is resolved.

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