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Payments are not shown once made

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    Hi There,

    Testing the paid listings using woocommmerce and the worldpay payment providor – I’m noticing that when I go back to my account the invoice is still showing as unpaid. The worldpay payment provider I’m using is called “Business WorldPay Gateway for Woocommerce”.

    When making the payment – I do get the payment confirmation on the site once worldpay redirects back to the site but no further progress.


    PS: I made my first donation, I will continue to donate as I progress through my testing and new features get added. Thanks for all your hard work and amazing support.


    One more thing I noticed – is once the payment is made – there is no obvious button within the payment text to say “Go back to listings or/and View my Account” It’s just an overview of the payment. For the average user who is not very literate this will probably confuse them

    ihor developer


    Thanks for your donation!

    All payment features are implemented by WooCommerce, HivePress just redirects users to the checkout page. Please make sure that this payment gateway is set up correctly, it should notify your website on successful payment and mark order as “processed”.

    If order is marked as “processed” or “completed” (this should occur immediately), user will not see the order details page and will be redirected back to the listing submission, so the latest issue should be resolved.


    Hi Ihor,

    I have figured it out – and sharing here in case others run into the same issue;

    Within the worldpay merchant account, go to setup, and for the response URL it needs to read as follows;

    <wpdisplay item=CM_payment_response_url>

    Then it works as expected.



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