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  • damibabs

    How do the payouts work? I’ve done a test, and the payout can be approved in WP admin.

    However, how does the vendor communicate the bank account/PayPal account they want the money sent to? Are they supposed to write this in the details box? Or is there an option when they sign up?



    ihor developer

    Yes, they can add all the required info to the Details field (e.g. their PayPal email if it differs from their account email). It’s also possible to add some instructions to the payout form with a simple code snippet, if this works for you I can post it.


    Thank you! I’m interested in the code snippet, please.

    ihor developer

    Please try using this one:

    	function( $form ) {
    		$form['fields']['details']['description'] = 'custom description here';
    		return $form;

    You can add it via the Code Snippets plugin


    Thanks so much 🙂


    If I understand corectly. The seller must provide his/hers details everytime prior to payout? For example their complete IBAN, an address etc OR paypal email.
    And this data need to be inserted into the Details field.

    I was under impression that this would be automated, that the payment data would be somehow already part of registration.
    Please let me know if I got this right?

    ihor developer

    Yes, by default there’s just the Details field but you can add custom vendor attributes in Vendors/Attributes section (without assigning them to display areas to keep the details private), e.g. the IBAN field so vendors will not have to fill these in every time they request a payout.

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