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    I have been following your theme for a long time.

    I want to use your theme on my website too.

    but in my previous reviews, the “permanent link” area was limited.

    I wonder if you fixed this problem?

    my goal, for example;

    I want to collect all postings in newyork city on one page.

    but after the main url, I want the terms “listing-category” or “listing” to be in our language.

    I am waiting for your support.

    good works.


    Yes, it’s possible using this php code in functions.php of your child theme or code snippets plugin:

    // Custom slugs
    	function( $post_types ) {
    		$post_types['listing']['rewrite']['slug'] = 'ad';
    		return $post_types;
    	function( $taxonomies ) {
    		$taxonomies['listing_category']['rewrite']['slug'] = 'ads';
    		return $taxonomies;

    Thank you for your help.

    I have one more question:

    for example; I want to show all listings in Paris city on a single page without the help of a filter.

    Is this possible?


    Right now by default it’s not possible but:

    1. You can use the categories as cities like Paris, Lyon, etc. and use custom attributes like Hotels, Restaurants, etc. as categories that are indexable & filterable.

    2. Wait until the Regions extension will be released by developers.

    3. A custom solution to register & display a second taxonomy like “Cities” for listings post type.

    ihor developer

    @aga2442 There’s no such option at the moment, but there’s a Regions extension on the roadmap, it’ll create a separate page for each region (based on the listing location). At the moment only categories and tags have their own pages.

    Thanks a ton @gabetu


    @gabetu @ihor

    Thank you for the information.

    I want to tell you about the project I want to do.

    I want to establish a structure where I can introduce all auto services in our country.

    There is a very effective domain available.

    I want to use your theme.

    but in terms of seo and other factors, I need to make the url field short.

    for example:

    domain.com/paris – all auto services available in paris
    domain.com/honda – all auto services offered by the Honda brand

    I ask you to guide me on this matter.

    If necessary, I want to get service from you for a fee.



    Using the code provided above you can have urls like:
    domain.com/auto-services/honda – for listings category Honda
    domain.com/auto-service/the-name-of-the service – for single listing
    I consider that this urls are acceptable for Google indexing.

    As for the city slugs like domain.com/paris I say to wait for the release of Regions extension that probably will be integrated with Geolocation extension and with listings query blocks.


    Ahh, I forgot about Tags extension, I’m not using it for the moment, probably you can create in backend tags as cities like Paris, Lyon, etc. and restrict somehow in frontend form to select only one from the list created in backend (@ihor could confirm that Tags extension could work this way).


    @gabetu thanks..

    I signed up for the notification list.

    I guess the best solution would be to wait until the “regions extension” you mentioned is active.

    ihor developer

    @aga2442 Thanks for the details, this totally makes sense for SEO – will check if it’s possible to add this feature (attribute-based pages) to the next version.


    @ihor, besides the “Regions (city)” archive pages it will be also useful to let us create custom pages with listings block query based on “category” + “city” like:
    Honda auto services in Paris – domain.com/paris/auto-service-honda or something like that.

    ihor developer

    Thanks, I’ll check if it’s possible to add all the attributes marked as searchable/filterable to the Listings block settings.


    @gabetu @ihor


    When do you plan to release the regions plugin?

    Any progress…

    ihor developer

    Sorry, there’s a long queue of extensions/updates, but this extension has a high priority so it should be released within a few weeks or less. Also, the workaround suggested previously (listings block with the attribute filters) may be implemented earlier.

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