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    I used Redex but without success. As described in a comment already posted.
    [0-9 () + \ s -] +
    In mine, I type anything and accept, I type the phone number and don’t put on the mask! Would you help me?


    There’s no mask option at the moment, you can allow numbers via regex and then use the attribute display format to display a Whatsapp button (as far as I know they require numbers only, without brackets and “+”).


    What is redex? I have the same problem. When I add the atribute phone by number it has the space like “tel:933%C2%A0111%C2%A0111” . It have to be “tel:933111111” even: “tel:933 111 111”


    Please check this topic If you add it as a “Text” attribute you’ll be able to set a Regex pattern (restrictions for input).

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