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    I’ve used attributes as icons for phone/mail/web. However now user cannot see this and for example “write down” number for related listing. Only way is to click and call from smartphone. Is there any way to “click to view” or sth for hidden phone number? Thanks


    Please send more details about this issue – attributes shouldn’t be hidden if you just added an icon, make sure that the %value% keyword is still presented in the display format (it’s replaced with the attribute value).


    Attributes are visible – icons like Phone, Mail, Web. However when you are on desktop version you won’t know what the phone number is – (its hidden in icon). Do you suggest any solution, like click to view, or sth similar to solve it?


    Adding something like “click to view” would require a custom script, if you want to show the attribute value by default please put the icon code before the “%value%” keyword.

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