Pop up Divs only showing half

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  • thesummerbass

    When a user clicks on

    Write Review.

    Or rate.

    The div that pops up is only showing half of the div. it looks broken.



    Do you mean on mobile or desktop? If possible send a link to this page and I’ll check it.


    Please check here
    Close Casinos

    If you click on things like register or write review.

    the pop up box comes up but its not all there


    This issue is caused by custom CSS, please change or remove this snippet:

    .hp-form:not(:last-child) {
        margin-bottom: 2rem;
        margin-top: -115px;

    If i remove that CSS.

    The search bar on the homepage drops down underneath the header banner though.


    There’s an empty paragraph block before the search form, please remove it and the search form will be shifted automatically (as on the demo site, there’s no custom CSS https://demo.hivepress.io/).


    Can you show me where to find this block please i cant seem to see it to be able to remove it.

    Please give instructions on how to remove it.


    Edit the home page, and hover between the “more” separator block and the listing search form block, there should be an empty paragraph block somewhere, it will be highlighted with a border on hover. Then you can click on it and remove it.

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