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    Post are posting and I am approving them but we are not able to access or see them — we can see that there is a listing number but can not see the post… PLEASE HELP


    If possible send more details about this issue, do you check the listings page or listing search results? If there are published listings and they don’t appear on the front-end this may be a caching issue, you can try disabling third-party plugins.

    PS. Thanks for your donation!


    Hello again –
    I know enough to be dangerous – not sure what you mean by third party plugins. – , — Sometimes it works GREAT sometimes not –

    I am testing it — some posts appear OK but others do not show —-

    Is it possible to pay for support and for someone to help with install ?

    Please advise — Thank you

    Chris Kazor


    If there’s a listing that is published and it’s still not visible on the front-end, you can send temporary WP access to and I’ll check it.


    done thanks


    I think I got it — I had check -marked Display subcategories every one I had check did not work right I I think I got it



    Ok, thanks for letting me know. “Display subcategories” option can be used only if you want to force users to select a category before viewing listings (on some category level).


    How can i add a section of drop down catagories option to the search bar?


    Is there any means to get fast support?


    Please note that HivePress is a free plugin and it’s supported by the community, there’s no priority support yet (although I always reply within 24 hours, even on weekends). Please try following the screencasts in the documentation to set up your site and if you have any questions your can create a topic on the forum, or reply to an existing one.

    Adding categories to the main search bar is not possible yet, it requires a custom code snippet, please check this topic

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