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    When the person takes a premium subscription, is it possible to put his sales first (before others who do not pay)?
    Thank you in advance for your explanation.


    Yes, please edit the paid package and check “Make listings featured” option for it.


    Thank you and is it possible to put a color or something distinctive to show that this is the premium ads?


    Please check existing settings, docs and forum topics before contacting support. If you mark any listing as featured and just view it on the front-end you’ll notice that it has specific styles already (like on the demo site, check the top 2 listings


    When people take a premium package, the classified ads are first in the category, it works. On the other hand and after I read the documents, I find how to make appear on the first page (homepage and all categories) only the classified ads that have been paid. Is there a possibility?


    Please check existing settings first, if you simply edit the Home page and click on the Listings block you’ll notice a “Display only featured listings” option in the right sidebar.

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