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    Hello Igor. Please tell me how you can convert prices? for example, add means $ and uah when choosing the converted price. thank


    and the second question is about the price. How to make it so that you can put spaces? dot, comma? using regular expressions?


    This would require code customizations because Price is just an attribute with “$%value%” display format, so the “value” part is simply replaced with the value set by the user. Converting it via some switcher based on some conversion rate would require code customizations.

    HivePress will automatically format number attributes with spaces, commas, etc. If you want users to input these manually you can switch the attribute type to “Text” with some custom regular expression (please note that the number range search may not work in this case).


    Thank you very much for the quick response. Tell me and you can do that there would be a negotiated price. ?


    I would be glad to help, but currently I don’t have time for custom work, I’m working on developing HivePress and its extensions. Please consider hiring a developer via Fiverr or a similar platform

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