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Price range, Countries and footer

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    Im using the Task theme.

    How can i change the price range? It seems that it is blocked between 25 and 100.
    I would like to let users to set it as more than 100, is it possible ? If yes, how?

    I would also let my user to seach for freelancers by their country, like if someone want a chinese freelancer, he could check a box and only chinese freelancers would appear on the page.

    I also can not find how to change this sentence on the footer: and blogs , when i go to the menus setting i can not find Blog

    Thank you for your help and thank you for your amazing product.


    1. It depends on the services, e.g. if you add or edit a service and set its price to 200 then the upper limit of the price range will change to 200.

    2. You can search listings by location using this extension If you mean searching vendors then the only way is adding a custom select attribute in Vendors/Attributes section, and adding countries manually (or importing them).

    3. These are footer widgets, please edit them in Appearance/Widgets section.

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