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Problem with rhe anchor text

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  • Sergiu

    Hello. I use this nice theme for my own agency and i want to insert some links in articles for a good SEO. Is there possible to do that?
    And other things: is that possible to delete the sign in page and add listing bottom? Cause, as i said, i use this website just for my agencie. Thank you

    serhii developer

    1) Could please specify where exactly do you want to insert some links? Do you mean adding anchor links to your blog articles?
    2) You can remove the “Add Listing” button in the HivePress > Settings > Listings section by disabling the submission of new listings. You can delete the “sign-in” page in the HivePress > Settings > Users section by disabling user registration.


    Hi, and thanks for your answer. Yes,i wanna insert anchor links in my blog articles, but doesn’t work.
    Another question: when i listing a property for sale, there appear all the properties, including the rent properties. Is there a way to have 2 listing categories? One for sale and another for rent?
    Thank you


    Hi, again. The anchor links it works. Sorry, was my mistake cause i didn’t open the article.

    serhii developer

    Hi, you can add category-specific attributes for that purpose. Go to the Listings > Attributes section to add a new attribute. In the right part of the page, you can select a specific category for the new attribute.


    Thank you for the answer. Have a nice day

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