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Problems showing the price in block secondary and page primary positions

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    Before Marketplace I used an attribute of my own and named it price. I could choose exactly how I wanted to display it. What I wanted to show before and after the attribute value. I could also choose where to show it block/page primary/secondary.

    With the market place plugin activated I can’t do that anymore, it only show in the block primay and page seconday position.

    Or is it me not finding the right settings?

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    Hi again, also a small bug(?) in search alerts. It saves the place of the search but doesn’t display the place in the Dashboard next to categories. Also, wouldn’t it be neat if the user could save the attributes in the search alert?

    Also, the term “view listings” (the eye icon in the search alerts dashboard) can’t be found in the search alert plugin. I need to translate it with loco translate from the main plugin. I think it would be easier for the users if the term was found in the search alerts plugin.

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    1. It’s not possible yet, because the price attribute is hard-coded by the Marketplace extension, and its format can be set in WooCommerce settings (currency, its position, etc). If you want to set some custom format it’s still possible, but via the code snippet.

    2. Search alerts should save all the attributes selected in the filter form, but the location is not supported yet (but it should be saved anyway).

    3. This string is fetched from the main HivePress plugin, please try translating it in Loco Translate/Plugins/HivePress section.


    Hi ihor and thanks for your fast response!.

    1. Will it be possible in the next version? With woo commerce you can’t choose to display the price like this “my custom string1 %price% my custom string 2”. Also it’s nice to be able to choose where to show the price on page and block.

    2. The location is saved but doesn’t show in the dashboard, will it?

    3. Already done, was a suggestion to make the plugin more customizable.

    With best regards,



    1. This is on the roadmap, but will not be available in the next version. Hard-coded fields like title, description, price can’t be managed in the same way as attributes, but it’s possible with HivePress API:

    	function( $attributes ) {
    		if ( isset( $attributes['price'] ) ) {
    			$attributes['price']['display_format'] = 'custom %value% format';
    			$attributes['price']['display_areas']  = [
    		return $attributes;

    2. Thanks, I added your suggestion to the backlog so it will be implemented sooner or later. It requires integration between the extensions, currently the Search Alerts extension is integrated with the core only.

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