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Profile editting (like Facebook)

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    Hi again!, i’m creating a job board type of directory for a caregiver service. The listings are people looking for a certain job (the careers, their profile). The users people that are looking for the service of these people.

    Is possible to allow direct editing to each career of their profile? Or for that is necessary to create them a vendor account and to have them make a double profile (as vendors and as listings?)

    I’m sorry for my questions, maybe they are simple but i’m a newbie in this area. Thanks in advance, your plugin is great.



    In the current version vendor profile is created only if at least 1 listing is added. There’s no option for registering as a vendor without adding listings, but this option is on the roadmap.

    You can try using listings as services (if there may be different services that caregivers offer), and vendors as caregivers, so regular users will be able to search services directly, or caregiver profiles.

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