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Profile name UrL

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    I have set up an attribute for a vendors so they can change their profile name but when they do it changes their URL??

    How do I stop this

    ihor developer

    Yes, if you linked a custom attribute with the vendor name then it’ll be used in the vendor page URL. By default usernames are set in vendor URLs.


    Sorry could not find this when I looked

    But every time they change their profile name it changes their URL? is this correct? this is how it is set up?

    When I change a page title it only changes the permalink if I change the permalink?

    ihor developer

    By default vendor page slug is synced with username so it never changes (usernames can’t be edited in WP), but if you linked vendor’s name to some custom attribute then the page URL slug will be based on the attribute value.


    I have created an attribute for vendors called display name.

    Users have access to this their end under settings (I know I can turn this off)

    I have under hivepress > settings > vendors > display name > display name

    But the issues I face

    1. When a user changes their display name it changes the permalink (which I do not want). I have set up the post with the display name I create for the user, I copy this to the permalink and display name field.
    2. When a user is sent message their username( created by their email address appears as the name. I would like their display name to be displayed in the messages section.
    3. When a vendor creates a request it again displays the username no display name

    Is there a way to ensure only the display name appears? Or is there another way around all the so a custom display name appears everywhere. I do not want the vendors to be able to change their URLS.. as they are linked to something else when created

    ihor developer

    Please try changing the attribute slug, if it’s set to “display_name” then it may conflict with the built-in WordPress option. Unfortunately there’s no prevent changing the URL if you sync vendor names with a custom attribute, this is implemented in the core HivePress files.


    I have changed the name to Screen Name

    Not made a difference?

    ihor developer

    Please check the slug (not the attribute name/title), if there’s no slug field you can click Screen Options at the top to show it. If the slug is not “display_name” or “display-name” then it should be ok, it will not conflict and its value will be in sync with the vendor name.


    where do i find the slug?

    ihor developer

    Please click Screen Options at the top of the attribute edit page, and check the Slug to appear.

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